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About Strider PI

Strider leads the way...

Our team is uniquely experienced in training, surveillance, and a robust variety of PI disciplines. 

We borrow from the best, including our training methodologies. We provide self-study videos and in-person training. 

“Learning by doing is essential to surveillance, OSINT, all of it.”

- Dave, Lead Instructor

Meet the Team

Dave Amis

GM, Texas PI, CFE, MBA, & Lead Instructor

Dave may be the only Colorado Ranger - MBA - Texas PI on the planet.


He specializes in major case fraud, burglary, theft, and semi-public corruption.  

Previously DA served as the director of a serial predator lab, a Colorado Ranger, a Reserve Sheriff's Deputy, and an instructor at the Southwest Regional Law Enforcement  Academy.  

He is the lead instructor and class designer for StriderPI.


Lead OSINT instructor and a digital forensics expert, TC is a former FBI Special Agent and Supervisory Special Agent who specialized in Public Corruption and criminal matters.


Lead Criminal Investigations instructor and a former Police Chief, Detective-Sergeant, Watch Patrol Sergeant, and SWAT Team-Lead. BL specializes in homicide, burglary, sexual assualt, and theft.


OSINT Sr. Instructor and Financial Asset Expert with an MLIS in Business Research and Competitive Intelligence. AL has 5-years of civil litigation experience and 17-years of corporate, asset and genealogical asset recovery.


Assistant Surveillance instructor and experienced private investigator with hundreds of locates.


O.R. specializes in financial analysis while also keeping the company's books.  She knows numbers like few people do.


Office Manager, PI, OSINT Agent.  B.M. is a jack of all trades. 

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