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The PI School Process

StriderPI was created specifically to train new students to become Texas Private Investigators. Your journey starts here, if you're ready to become a PI.

What to Expect


Phase I: Background

Complete this form and pay the $50 application fee for the Phase I Background. The State of Texas requires us to do a good faith background which will allow us to teach you real skills that can be used to investigate anyone.



A Texas PI will call you to discuss your goals and questions relating to becoming a PI. They can answer any questions about our courses, equipment and clothing needed for school.


Phase II: Background

Submit the required documentation for Phase II. This phase focuses on background investigation and legal considerations. 


Book your Class

Reserve your spot in one of our upcoming training sessions by booking your class. Once booked, you'll receive a confirmation email with further instructions and preparatory materials.


Attend the School

Join us at our training facility to begin your in-person education. Ensure you bring all necessary materials as outlined in your enrollment confirmation.

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