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Are you ready to become a Texas PI?


We provide the best,
in-person, private

investigator training in Texas.

StriderPI was specifically created to help PI's get their careers started. If you're ready to become a Texas PI, your journey starts here.

PI Fundamentals

Our Courses

"At StriderPI, you will learn by doing real casework, with real PI's, in real time." -                                     

                                  -Dave Amis, Lead Instructor


Surveillance 101

Surveillance may be the oldest PI technique dating back to Roman times. It's still relevant today as observation of subjects can solve case, identify co-conspirators, and gain valuable intelligence or evidence.  We will teach you both the theory and practices of surveillance, plus how to plan and write your report.



OSINT stands for "open-source intelligence" and is basically investigation by computer using a variety of data and social media sources.  Some investigators spend all of their time doing OSINT.


Criminal Investigations 103

This course will be offered later this year and only to those who have completed 101 and 102.  This is an introductory course to criminal investigations and will include a crime scene exercise as well as how to address being the first on scene of any crime.


We can help you through the Quagmire

It's difficult to get started as a PI.  Many websites provide false or misleading information.  Even the rules are hard to understand. We'll help you understand the Quagmire and how to get through it.  We can only provide the path, it's up to you to ovecome it.  It's up to you to become a Texas PI, if that's what you really want.

What We Provide 


In-Person Training

We are the only in-person, Private Investigator training in Texas.  We teach in small groups of 4-7 to simulate team dynamics and maximize your learning curve.


Help with the "Quagmire"

The "Quagmire" is all the misinformation from official and unofficial sources that makes it hard to figure out how to become a Texas PI. 


A Plan to Become a Texas PI

We have a plan to help new PI's succeed.  We can share this plan with you, but it's up to you to make it happen.


A Free, 40-Minute Consultation

We will consult with you on your plans to become a Texas PI and offer advice based on our years of experience not only as PI's, but as cops, FBI Agents, Counter-Terrorist Analysts, OSINT experts, and more.


A Challenge

Being a Texas PI is the best job on the planet.  Don't miss your chance to find out what it's like. Come join us!

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